Early Out

With a focus on maintaining positive relationships, Vision Financial Recovery professionals will contact your patients and help you recover funds.

The Benefits
Are Clear

As a medical provider, you may not have the time or resources to continually invest in the technology and staffing levels required to contact patients about their outstanding charges for services rendered. That’s where Vision Financial Recovery comes in.

Self Pay/Early Out allows you to recover outstanding monies with minimal investment. Vision Financial Recovery professionals contact patients on your behalf to recover monies or follow-up on insurance information on your active accounts receivable.

Our Process

We recognize the value of maintaining a positive, productive relationship with patients,  and we tailor our contact strategies to that end. We are strategic in our approach, thorough in our effort and ethical above all else. We strive in all interactions with your patients to strengthen the positive relationship you’ve worked so hard to build.

Our process is tailored to the needs of each client. Most Early Out programs last 120 days and include three to four letters and outbound calls to patients. At Vision Financial Recovery, we scrub patient files to identify deceased and bankrupt patients and return the scrubbed list to you. We then utilize our proprietary scoring and segmentation system to identify those patients most likely to pay, customizing our strategies to work all accounts with a prioritized effort on those with the highest propensity to pay.

Our Tools

  • Scoring
  • Segmentation
  • Deceased and bankruptcy scrubs
  • Predictive dialer
  • Integrated voice response system (IVR)
  • Customized workflows

Technology plays a critical part in recovering money for our clients. We have developed an effective proprietary software that is able to grade each patient’s file to determine likelihood of payment. This helps the Vision Financial Recovery team tackle the accounts with the most potential first, bringing you the highest return on your investment.

The Results

The Vision Financial Recovery team works quickly and efficiently to maximize your recoveries in as short of time as possible while working to fortify the relationship between you and your patient. 

“We strive to incorporate the latest innovations in technology to provide the patient with a stress-free experience.”

Kris Shoemate, Director, Application Development

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