With over 100 years of combined experience in patient account resolution, the leadership team of Vision Financial Recovery has the expertise to develop a customized program for your organization that will help you recover more self-pay revenue than ever before.

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Phil Woods
Phil WoodsCEO

"New technologies can have a real positive impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization."

As CEO, Phil offers a unique perspective that comes, in part, from a diverse background in sales and marketing, operations management, and information technology management. This rare combination provides an expertise and insight that inform Phil’s approach to his work and to the company’s mission. Phil has been responsible for the effective delivery of all services that Vision Financial Recovery offers to its clients since its founding in 2004.  Phil has been the major force behind the implementation of new products and technologies that create positive impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the staff and the overall operation, while achieving a high level of client and patient satisfaction. The company's success at creating adaptive solutions for clients has been due to Phil’s keen sense of identifying client needs and creating solutions that work.

Tod Higbee
Tod HigbeeBusiness Development and Client Services Manager

"Membership in a healthcare plan is only as valuable as the strength and integrity of the services and support it provides. We strive every day to deliver productive, efficient solutions that align with client needs so that their members are served and cared for from day one…and remain that way."

When it comes to comprehensive healthcare coverage, Tod understands that enrolling in a plan is just the beginning. Tod joined Vision Financial Recovery after serving in various management roles in which he advised corporations and individuals in the retail and business banking sectors, becoming one of the country's top HSA advisors.

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