At Vision Financial Recovery, we invest in our people so they can invest in your patients. It’s that simple.

We Are

We are investors. We invest in people, technology, and processes to provide the most effective and comprehensive solutions to achieve patient financial responsibility.

Our most important investment is in our team of professionals. They provide our competitive advantage, working with your patients on the front lines, navigating the financial recovery process. The Vision Financial Recovery team answers questions, resolves concerns, extends your impact to the community, and maintains the relationships you’ve worked hard to create. We invest in our people, so they can invest in your patients.

We invest in technology and the analytical capability to optimize its design in order to enhance the effectiveness of our workflows and create the best outcomes for our clients.

We invest in relationships with our clients so we truly understand their needs and become effective partners with them.

Vision Difference

True Partnership: We are committed to understanding you, your practice, your values, and your impact on the community so that we can represent you as an extension of your practice.

Relationships Matter: By building on the relationship you have created with your patient, we maintain the lifetime value of that patient.

Tools of the Trade: We provide technology-based solutions that couple with our proven processes, workflows, and analytics, thereby improving efficiency and effectiveness and positively impacting your margins.

Our Values: At Vision Financial Recovery, we have created an ethically-focused culture where traits like honesty, integrity, and committment are valued and promoted.

Our Leadership Team: The Vision Financial Recovery leadership team has the extensive healthcare revenue cycle and leadership experience necessary to achieve meaningful results.

Our Mission: To serve those who dedicate themselves to serving the healthcare needs of their community.

Meet The Leadership Team